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150kVA Input / Output Configuration

600v Transformer
600 V
Pass through cam-loks on the 600V side allow for easy daisy-chaining.

Two sets of outputs on the 120/208V side eliminate one set of t-taps and expedite installation.

One set of female ground and neutral cam-loks are available for uni-gender systems.
Transformer Sled

600V connections are isolated from 120/208V in separate locked compartments. These compartments are keyed differently to restrict access to 600V while still allowing for 120/208V connections.

Access doors can be locked during operation
and allow cables to pass out of the transformer.
Transformer Door Covers
Lockout Door Cover
Transformer Switch Both the input and the output stage of our transformers are protected by breakers to ensure the safety of persons and equipment. 150kVA Input / Output Configuration Transformer Switch

Transformer Inspected
Our transformers are inspected by third party testing firm Intertek Testing Services.
Transformer Ground
This device must be grounded.
Wet Use

CSA Lock

Available Configurations

225 600A 216   1800A
150 400A 144 1200A
75 200A 72 symbol 600A
45 120A 43.2   360A
30 80A 28.8   240A

This enclosure is lockable and has separate keys for 600V and 120/208V bays.

Our transformers incorporate delta transformer cores inside weatherproof housings on rolling sleds made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 4'2"x2'7"x3'11" Weight: Approximately 1000 lbs


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