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Forced Air Heaters - Heavy Duty 50 kW Heater

Height 18½"

Width 23"
Depth 29"
Weight 125 Lbs
50 Amps 600v 3 phase.

Heating Heater




Our line of heaters has been designed specifically for heavy duty use in industrial environments and in public places.

This system uses NO air ducts. The heater produces an amazing 170600 BTU/hrs. The unit with no cable weighs 125 lbs. The small heaters can hang or be used on the ground. They are ideal for tents, warehouses, theatres or anywhere temporary heating is needed.

To supply power to these extremely efficient units, Production Power Corporation has cable, transformers, cable mats, distribution and generators on hand. Call us to supply your electrical and heating needs.



  • CSA approved for horizontal and vertical air flow
  • Automatic reset high limit
  • 50 kw units incorporate split loads (50%) for remotely controlled energy management systems
  • Factory installed transformers, contactors, and thermostats where specified
  • Individually adjustable louvers
  • Factory balanced aluminum fan blade
  • Fan delay in “ON” and “OFF” cycles
  • Full sized control panel with hinged removable door, constructed to EEMAC 12 standards
  • “Fan Only” terminals for connection to remote switch
  • 14 Gauge steel cabinet
  • Epoxy painted (ASA 61 Grey) for superior resistance to corrosion
  • 1/3 Hp motor with sealed ball bearings and totally enclosed construction
  • Pipe clamp is supplied with an 3/4" (19mm) DIA HOLE FOR EASY RIGGING - 5/8"-11 UNC BOLT
  • Motor mounted outside of the element bundle eliminating premature failure due to overheating and
    providing easy access for motor maintenance
  • Elements are robust tubular sheathed type with epoxy sealed terminals to eliminate
    contamination from moisture and airborne impurities
Heater Heater

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