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"The purpose of a load bank is to accurately mimic the operational or "real" load that a power source will see in actual application. However, unlike the "real" load, which is likely to be dispersed, unpredictable and random in value, a load bank provides a contained, organized and fully controllable load." (WIKI)

Load banks are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Factory testing of turbines and engine diesel generator sets
  • Reduction of wet stacking problems
  • Periodic exercising of stand-by engine generator sets
  • Battery and UPS system testing
  • Ground power testing
  • Load optimization in prime power applications
  • Removal of carbon build-up on piston rings
loadbank Cam-Loks

Cam-Lok Connectors

Our Loadbanks are:

1000 kW 600V
Air Cooled
Mobile, Portable
Cam-Lok connectors for easy connections (adapters available)

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