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The short time span that events are contained within demands a system that is easily configurable and requires no hard-wiring to allow for rapid installation and removal. Event power requirements are mission critical and require equipment and a company with proven technology, methods of installation and equipment. Production Power's twenty years of experience can ensure you have more than adequate power, where and when you need it...everytime.
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Construction sites present unique challenges to temporary electrical distribution. An effective installation must be constructed well enough to handle the rigors of the construction site, water resistant and easily adaptable to a changing physical environment. Production Power's equipment and personnel can help you addresses these challenges cost effectively and safely.


Film Location/Studio Power

The feature film of today requires an ever-increasing amount of reliable, safe and accessible electricity. Production Power is poised to supply your film with a temporary distribution, generation and transformation network of any size at commercially accessible pricing. Our team of production experts can work with your staff to lower your electrical costs, often, by sixty percent or more through the use of mobile substation technology.

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