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Mobile substations were designed to replace noisy, expensive and environmentally-unfriendly diesel generators. They meet and routinely exceed the quality of service provided by a generator without the hassle of moving parts and exhaust. Mobile substations allow for 24 hour electricity unlike generators that are often shutdown overnight.

Substation A mobile substation is, in essence, a big transformer. It steps down electricity from the high voltage distribution lines that power our homes and businesses and outputs standard 120/208V power. One silent container sized mobile substation can replace many generators. No more noisy refueling trucks, no downtime due to maintenance and the ability to run 24x365 without interruption.


The hydroelectrically generated power that substations draw from is some of the most reliable and cost efficient in the world. Electricity purchased from BC Hydro costs 1/3 less than self generated power. On projects with complex and sizable power requirements such as feature films; cost savings can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Unlike substations, generators are not a "clean" and efficient source of electricity. With diesel comes the potential for spills and the assurance of exhaust gases . At 50% load a single 400A generator burns through 20 liters of diesel fuel an hour. Over a month long production the generator will have burnt through 7680 liters of fuel.

Our substations ability to service mission critical applications has been demonstrated on such productions as:

APEC Vancouver
Backstreet Boys
Commonwealth Games (Victoria)
Dave Matthews Band
Deep Rising
Edge Fest
Lake Placid
Lilith Fair
Molson Indy Vancouver
Panam Games (Winnipeg)
Pink Floyd
Romeo Must Die
Sixth Day
Winter Olympic Games (Calgary)

Sized from a half million to 2.5 million watts per unit and with an input voltage of up to 25,000V our mobile substations can easily meet the demands of any size project.

Production Power has the experience, personnel and equipment to service the power requirements of productions with unparalleled reliability, customer service and cost effectiveness through the use of mobile substations and an advanced distribution network.
1000 kVA Substation
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Interlock Protected High-Voltage Room
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500 kVA Substation
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