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Distribution Panels

30 Amp
Dimensions: 9"x1'1"x1'1"

30A 125/250V Panel

30 Amp

30 Amp Input

30 Amp GFI
GFI outlets for wet locations.
30 Panel Configuration Our panels are inspected by third party testing firm Intertek Testing Services.
30 Amp Inspect
Wet Use

50 Amp Panel
Dimensions: 1'7"x1'1"x"2'8"

50A 125/250V Panel

50 Amp Plug50 Amp Input

50 Amp panels can be slaved off 225 A panels, range/dryer outlets and existing electrical services of many types.
50 Amp to 30 Amp
Two 30A 125/250V outlets permit two 30A Panels to be connected to one 50A Panel. Adding another 8 remote circuits.
Wet Use
CSA Lock
50 Amp Panel Configuration

50 amp panel


225 Amp Panel
Dimensions: 1'7"x1'9"x2'5"

225A 125/250V 3Ø Panel

Various 14-circuit output combinations are available and custom configurations are available upon request.

Outlets are paired with a status light, color coded by voltage and numbered for easy troubleshooting.

Access to single conductor connections is behind a lockable service door as per CSA requirements.
225 Amp Panel
225 Amp Panel Configuration

CSA Lock
Wet Use

Cam-Lok Input

Female Ground & Neutral
Male Phase Conductors

225 Amp Application

50 Amp Construction Electrical Distribution - Spider II Panel

Spider II Panel
Spider II ConfigurationSpider II Daisy
Production Power's Spider II temporary power distribution system sets a new safety and performance standard for your temporary power needs. Construction sites and outdoor events place more demands on electrical power than ever before.

Our Spider box steps up to this challenge by offering advanced electrical and safety features. The Spider II box incorporates the most advanced ground fault module technology available in the industry today ensuring safe and reliable distribution of electrical power for a wide variety of temporary power applications.

Wet Use

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