Production Power Corporation

Emergency Power Services

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Production Power Corporation is your one stop source for 24/7 emergency power and distribution. When the
power goes out...we have the equipment and expertise to get you back up and running. Be it a single house,
shopping mall or ten city blocks Production Power has the equipment and personnell you need.

Production Power's unique ability to supply mobile substation transformers, often eliminating the need for a
generator can yield considerable cost savings for long-term emergency power. Our substantial inventory of
cable and distribution equipment ensures we can meet the requirements of large emergency projects. Our
distribution network was designed for rapid installation and requires no time-consuming hardwiring or heavy,
inflexible BX cable.

Emergency Rental Options:
2kVA to 2500kVA Generators
3 Phase Mobile Substations
Input from 4160V to 27/14.4kV
120/208/480/600V Transformer Sleds
In-house 24x7 Emergency Transportation
24x7 Refueling Service
Cabling for ANY size job
Distribution and Engineering
Temporary Lighting and Heating

Mobile Substation
Mobile Substations can often replace noisy, expensive generators.
25 kVA
Emergency Generators

Distribution Panel
Lockable, Outdoor Suitable,
Temporary Distribution Panel No hard-wiring anywhere in the system!
Distribution Panel
Inside View of Outdoor 8x15A Panel
Cam-Lok 400A 600V
Pin & Sleeve
120/208 & 600V
100A Pin & Sleeve
50 Amp
50A 120/208V Twistlock
30 Amp
30A 120/208V Twistlock
Cable Mats
3 and 5 Channel Cable Mats
5,25,50 kW Portable Industrial Heaters
30 Amp
20A 125V Twistlock